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Dental Services

It is difficult to price out dental emergency services without a comprehensive exam or consultation by the Dentist.  The fees listed are estimates and depending on the dental needs the final treatment fee will most likely change. We will always provide you with a quote prior to services.  You can apply for financing through Care Credit affiliate partner.


emergency exam


second opinion

comprehensive exam

specialty exam (TMD, Periodontal, Orthodontic, Endodontic)


Pain Management

  • nerve pain management

  • swelling management
  • headache management
  • sore jaw management
  • jaw fracture (diagnosis only)
  • broken tooth
  • loose tooth
  • extraction
  • "knocked out tooth"
  • orthodontic appliance management
  • bite adjustments
  • recementing a crown
  • denture sores
  • manage oral bleeding post surgeries
  • facial oral trauma
  • lip lacerations


Hygiene Services

adult cleanings

child cleanings

deep cleaning per section




xrays FMX

xrays Panorex

xrays Periapical

xrays Bite Wing


Specialty Treatment


TMD treatment

Root Canal Therapy with crown

New Smile 4/6/8 Teeth Bonding

New Smile 4/6/8/10/12 Teeth Porcelain

Full Mouth New Smile



broken denture

fractured denture tooth

denture adjustments

denture relines


Regulatory exams

military deployment

pre-surgical clearance

entry to kindergarten 

pre-nursing home residence