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(315) 234-3200 

118 S. Main St, Canastota, NY  13032​       

1810 Erie Blvd, Syracuse, NY  13210 

[email protected]


CALL the Patient TRIAGE number

Please CALL (315) 409-1259. Leave a message for our TRIAGE Team.  Please include the following information:

a) Full Name 

b) Phone Number 

c) Dental Concern

d) Dental & Medical Insurance Carrier Name  

Our team will get back to you within 20 minutes and guide you through the next steps.


Submit Forms & Documents

After you get a Triage call back, you will proceed to theONLINE REGISTRATION.  You will need the following information to upload to a HIPAA secure server

  1. Drivers License 
  2. Medical & Dental Insurance Cards
  3. Medical History
  4. Financial Agreement


Registration & Booking Fee

Registration & Booking Fee applied towards dental visit


Speak to a Dentist

Encounter with a Dentist via TeleDentistry or In-Person.  

Urgent! Smiles Solutions provides dental urgent or emergency dental care. If you are seeking dental care for already treatment planned dentistry, please call us to schedule an appointment. Proper time needs to be reserved for operative dental care. 

STEP 4 continued...

We help patients with facial dental trauma, pain, soreness, sensitivity, unusual bleeding or post-operative bleeding, discomfort, swelling, infection, loose or broken teeth, restorations, and oral appliances, or other unusual dental symptoms that you may be concerned about.  

At your visit, the Dentist will evaluate your dental emergency and provide you with treatment plan options to stabilize your emergency. Often, teeth can not be treated during emergency care for many reasons such as facial swelling, discomfort to stay open, and/or limited opening of the mouth contraindicating dental operative procedures. The Dentist will stabilize your dental emergency and establish follow-up care.

The follow-up care may entail several visits and you will be referred back to your regular Dentist. If you do not have one, you may choose to proceed with Drs. Juan & Dorothy Kassab. Our team will set up appointments for all your future visits. If you are returning to your regular Dentist, we will provide you with details of the urgent dental care visit and we also will send a copy to your regular Dentist to the dental office address you shared on your registration form.


We Bill Your Medical and/or Dental Insurance

Our Administration team will submit claims for your visit to the dental and/or medical insurance you provide. Any remaining balance will be due after the claim is resolved. You will receive a statement or a call from Dental Claims Cleanup, our third-party billing team, so you can pay the balance over the phone with a credit card.  We do not work with Medicaid insurance plans. You can use an HSA for urgent dental care and we will provide you with all information necessary to obtain reimbursement.