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(315) 234-3200 

118 S. Main St, Canastota, NY  13032​       

1810 Erie Blvd, Syracuse, NY  13210 

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Urgent! Smiles Solutions 

On-Call Answering Service, In-Person & TeleDentistry Hours

Mon-Sun 8am-9pm (315) 409-1259

Many patients prefer the convenient virtual TeleDentistry visits. Please keep in mind that patients are seen In-Person when deemed medically necessary by the Dentist.

Clinical Scheduled In-Person Hours & Location

Mon-Thu 8am -5pm

(315) 697-9287

118 S. Main St., Canastota, NY  13032 

Fri 8am-5pm 

(315) 409-1259

1810 Erie Blvd., Syracuse, NY  13210 

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Mon-Thur 8am-5pm  (315) 697-9287

Mon-Thur 5pm-9pm,  (315) 409-1259 

Weekends: Fri, Sat, Sun 8am-9pm  (315) 409-1259