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Urgent! Dental Needs?

Urgent & Emergency Dentistry

Second Opinions

Specialty Dentistry Evaluations

Dental Evaluations for Pre-Surgical or State Regulations

Hygiene Services


What is Considered Urgent or Emergency Dental Care?

Hospitals' emergency rooms and urgent care facilities. Urgent! Smiles Solutions provides dental urgent or emergency dental care. We help patients with dental emergencies such as facial dental trauma, pain, soreness, sensitivity, unusual bleeding or post-operative bleeding, discomfort, swelling, infection, loose or broken teeth, restorations, and oral appliances.  There are urgent dental needs. Such as unusual dental symptoms that you may be concerned about, or you might be seeking a second opinion evaluation that we can provide, on dental treatment plans, specialty evaluations for endodontic, orthodontics, and TMD treatments.  In addition, there are several state regulations requirements for dental services and evaluations, such as entry to public schools or nursing homes, and pre-surgical dental clearance requests requirements prior to surgical procedures.  

If a patient does not have a regular Dentist, it can be difficult to obtain an appointment to see a Dentist on short notice.  

There have been many major changes in the dental industry.  Statistics show that 50% of the general population does not see a Dentist on a routine basis.  Access to dental care was further hindered by the recent pandemic.  There was a shut down of private dental offices, and 25% shut down permanently.  In addition, 1 out of 3 dental hygienists retired or left the dental field increasing the demand for hygienists and their services.  These changes affect the general population as patients receiving routine dental care are not limited in appointment availability, leaving the patients without being registered patients of a dental office with access to appointments.  Yet, dental care is a lifelong need and patients continue to have dental emergencies and need dental care.

Drs. Juan & Dorothy Kassab stayed open during the pandemic providing emergency care treatments for the Central New York area.  In addition, they recognized the tremendous deficiency of emergency dental care by local dental offices which are struggling to accommodate the registered patients for their preventative care, routine dental care, and emergency dental care under the stress of a decreased dental team and COVID19 strict and expensive regulations.

Urgent! Smile Solutions has an on-call Dental Triage Team that manages the intake of inquiries for dental care which typically would back up the local Hospitals' emergency rooms and urgent care facilities.

We have extended on-call hours and expanded clinical availability for patients to speak to and see a Dentist about their urgencies. Visits can be In-Person or via TeleDentistry.

There are 5 areas that are considered urgent and/or a dental emergency:  

  1. Urgent & Emergency Dentistry
  2. Second Opinions
  3. Specialty Dentistry Evaluations
  4. Dental Evaluations for Pre-Surgical or State Regulations
  5. Hygiene Services

At your visit, the Dentist will evaluate your dental urgency or emergency and provide you with treatment plan options. Most visits can be handled via TeleDentistry for patient's convenience and promptness of the encounter and care.  

Often, teeth can not be treated operatively during dental emergency care for many reasons such as the presence of facial swelling, discomfort to stay open, and/or limited opening of the mouth contraindicating dental operative procedures. The Dentist will evaluate, stabilize your dental emergency, and establish follow-up care.  See the list of all the SERVICES we provide.  We list a range for the fees, as the actual treatment plan will vary per patient depending on the dental needs.   If you are seeking dental care for already treatment planned dentistry, please call us to schedule an appointment. Proper time needs to be reserved for operative dental care.

The follow-up care after urgent or emergency dental care may entail several visits and you will be referred back to your regular Dentist. If you do not have one, you may choose to proceed with Drs. Juan & Dorothy Kassab. Our team will set up appointments for all your future visits. If you are returning to your regular Dentist, we will provide you with details of the urgent dental care visit and we also will send a copy to your regular Dentist to the dental office address you shared on your registration form.

Dental Emergency? Urgent! 

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Dentistry You Can Trust

Emergency Dentistry

We will evaluate your dental emergency and provide you with the best treatment options.  During your appointment, we will stabilize your symptoms and improve your dental clinical situation.  We will provide you with a summary of your visit and refer you back to your regular Dentist.

Hygiene Services

The pandemic affected the Dental Industry. Many offices closed or lost team members due to retirement or venture out of the profession.  Hygiene services were most affected and many patients have a hard time getting in to see their regular Dentist for hygiene services. The hygiene services offered are routine cleaning, xrays, sealants, Flouride treatments, and periodontal therapies, all supported by dental products.

Second Opnion

This service is designed for patients that were provided with a dental treatment plan and would like advice about the plan or alternative treatment options.

Specialty Evaluations

If you are having a hard time getting an evaluation for root canal therapy, orthodontics, or TMD treatment, we can provide you with an evaluation and a proposed treatment plan, and a referral for the services.  We also have relationships with specialists via telemedicine for oral surgery and pedodontics.